“What’s a hashtag………………….??"

I remember shouting these words upstairs to my teenage daughter last October when Shireen and I started Little Edit.  I’m Lisa, the other, older sister, with two girls - Sadie is a teenager who lives in baggy jumpers and Sophie has just completed her SATs, loves Unicorns and the most gaudy clothes you can imagine. Not your typical Little Edit customers!

I’m the complete opposite to Shireen, but it made sense that we would work well together in business.  Shireen has a wealth of retail experience, which meant she knew exactly how  she wanted the Little Edit brand to look as well as what products we should sell, she’s the creative force. I, on the other hand having come from a corporate background am the practical one that organises, arranges and tells her when to stop spending money – a good combination!

So back to those hashtag’s, even though we had dabbled in Facebook and Instagram we were social media novices who completely underestimated how important it would be to our business. These mystical words “collaborators” and “influencers” kept popping up – what are they, do we need them and how do we get them?  We found there were plenty of companies contacting us promising us lots followers and likes in return for a fee - quick and easy, so it may seem, but did we really want fake followers that would not be spending money or at least love or promote the brand?  Well we decided that it would be better to try to grow our followers organically – slow and steady wins the race so my gran used to say! 

So far we have engaged with some great influencers, @finleyfox and @heymamablog to mention a few.  Lovely ladies with big style and personalities to match who had caught our eye through their feeds and blogs, and who we are really excited to work with in promoting Little Edit’s products.

When it came to finding collaborators, it was critical for us to work with brands that had the same goals and beliefs as us, as well as those who would naturally complement Little Edit. 

As Shireen described in her first blog, and as all you mums know, being a mum today is hard work!  Trying to balance work, kids, exercise, housework, shopping ……….…..phew! It’s tiring and it made us realise that TIME is precious.  So by pulling together a collection of products that complement each other and offering a unique style for our customer’s children and home, we hoped that through Little Edit we would be giving our lovely customers back the most precious commodity of all – TIME.  Time to do the important things; doing a jigsaw with your little one, meeting friends for a glass of wine and a gossip or just going out for a run.   

We are so excited, therefore, to have started collaborating with James @14fiftyseven and Sophie @Pocketnannies. @14fiftyseven are experts in providing tailor made Lifestyle managers who in turn help improve the work/life balance of their clients - WOW what a great idea! If like me you thought they are only for the rich and famous, then think again!   The lovely Sophie @pocketnannies runs an online space for nannies and parents to find new and inspiring ideas to create engaging and happy environments for children – all in one place! We especially love reading their top tips

So here we are 8 months down the line, Shireen is getting excited about colour palettes for new packaging and products for our autumn/winter range and I’m tidying up finances and arranging a stock check. We are also seeing the benefits from using social media  in promoting our business but regardless of all the  Instagram likes,  Twitter tweets or Pinterest pins – if you believe in your brand and love what you do, people will too.



Me and the girls

The lovely Catherine @heymamablog

Emma with her gorgeous kids @finlayfox

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