Saga Copenhagen | Organic cotton Muslin square (various colours)

Saga Copenhagen | Organic cotton Muslin square (various colours)

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Colours from top:


Misty Rose

Quiet Blue

Product description:

Size: 70×70cm

Material: 100% Organic cotton

Certification: GOTS-certified

Care instructions: 60˚C

Designed in Denmark | Made in India

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Saga Copenhagen consists of Ole and Charlotte, who have run an interior-design company since 2001. They take advantage of their big experience and knowledge in design and business, which they generously pass on to the next generation. Daughter and son-in-law, Ida and Joachim, have experience with creativity and communication across cultures. Recently Ida and Joachim brought a new generation into the world – a new life, a new story begins.

Saga Copenhagen helps your little one to get the very best start to life, securing the sustainable quality of the health and wellbeing of your child, while at the same time taking care of the world and environment.