Sass and Belle | Sweet Dreams Cloud Chalkboard

Sass and Belle | Sweet Dreams Cloud Chalkboard

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This chalkboard is a fun addition to your childrens bedroom, great for little messages and doodles! it also adds a sweet aesthetic. This chalkboard comes in the shape of a cloud and has two sleeping eyes adorned which personify this item and add character. A small piece of chalk is attached with jute string and there is a fixture of the back so it can hang on the wall.

Dimensions - 2 x 35 x 25 cm

Material - Mdf

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About Sass and Belle

Founder Richard Stone opened his first Sass and Belle store (named after his two daughters) in Covent Garden in 2009. The shop was a treasure trove of gifts and homeware decorations. Sass and Belle’s tagline “for the little things in life” nods to the whimsical and irresistible nature of their products. Sass and Bell now have four stores in the UK and a growing presence in Europe and beyond.

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